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Course 13: Tiny, Huge Island

Location: On the second floor, go through the small door with a blank star.

Required: Nothing

Recommended: Nothing

Information: In the main hall with the course's pictures, there are three hallways. The main one, that leads to the front picture, is fake. If you want to be huge, go left. If you want to be tiny, go right. In the course, there are a couple pipes in which you switch from huge to tiny or from tiny to huge. Click here to see all the pipes. Careless players will fall to their doom because of the many pits. The third star is a goodie. Entrance to Course 13

Course 13
Star # Objective Picture
Go into the course as huge Mario. Long jump to the other side of the water. Jump into the pipe to become tiny. One by one, kill each plant. After you kill the last one around the pipe, a power star will appear. Get it, of course.
Confronting the Plants
Go into the course as huge Mario. Long jump to the second island. With your face up at the wall, backflip up onto the block. Jump onto the main part of the course. Go left, and jump into the nearest pipe. Now start jumping onto ledge to ledge to go up. At the top ledge, watch out for the purple guy. Dodge it and walk across the bridge, don't fall. Keep following the path until you reach a block. Bust the block and get the star.
Below the Power Star
The goodie: You get to race Koopa the Quick again. He wants a rematch from when you defeated him back at the first course. It's obviously gonna be harder. Become huge Mario and get onto the main part of the course, with the rolling balls. Become tiny Mario. Go towards the first goomba you see. Kill it and jump down the hill. Kill the two goombas nearby. Talk to the Koopa. Say "Go!" and start long jumping towards the rolling balls. Keep long jumping until you're close to the bridge. Now run across the bridge in a weird angle so that you stay in the middle, while the wind is blowing. So if your competition comes up, it'll push you forward. The flag is right by the pipe.
Talking to the Koopa
It's time again to find those secret places. First you have to go in as huge Mario and get onto the main part of the course.
  1. It's right in front of the place the rolling balls come out of.
  2. It's at the top of the course, at the pond.
  3. Go back to the place you started, but on the other side of the stone wall. Walk in front of the small door.
  4. Go through the lake to the sand hill. Jump near the thin bridge.
  5. Go across the lake to the tiny hole in the ground. It's right above the hole.
Go to the garden with the fire-breathing plants. Change the camera view so that you see a "back alley". Walk onto it to start the tick of the ! switch. Travel carefully along the path to get to the floating island. Get the power star upon the ledge.
Click here to see all the secrets.
At the ! switch
It's red coin time!!! Go in as tiny Mario. Go through the door and swim across the lake. Talk to the bob-omb buddy to open the cannon. Shoot the cannon at the highest tree you can shoot at, trying to get onto the tree of course. Walk to the bridge and go across it into the cave of red coins.
  1. This is on the first ledge you start on.
  2. Jump to the next ledge.
  3. Jump to the next ledge.
  4. Jump to the next ledge.
  5. Jump to the next ledge.
  6. Jump to the next ledge.
  7. Jump to the next ledge. Watch out for the flame thrower. DO NOT USE THE BLUE COIN BOX, if you want to go to the eigth coin easily.
  8. Get onto the blue coin box. Double jump to the grate. Get above the ledge with the two posts sticking up. STOP with your shadow over the red coin and drop.
All you have to do is hop down from the post to get Power Star #5!
Looking at the Coins
Go into the course as huge Mario. Get to the top of the course, with the pond. Butt stomp on the pond and the water will drain. Go to the nearby pipe to become tiny Mario. Go back to the top of the island. Drop down the hole. You'll meet an angry caterpillar named Wiggler. It's mad because you poured water into its home. Now you have to jump on its head for some reason, maybe for straightening it out. Wait until you get a clear shot at it, then jump onto its head. Do that three times until it gives up. Get the power star in the center of the cavern.
7 Coins = 191

This course's star is one of the most easiest to get out of the other 7th stars. Go into the level as tiny Mario and start collecting. Switch from tiny to huge and vice versa as you progress.

Special Stuff
Warp 1a
Warp 1b
1a: Below the coin by the fourth star(One-way Entrance).
1b: Right by the pipe before it(One-way Exit).
  • By the flame thrower near the beginning.
  • In the tree on the ledge with the cave bridge.
  • In the box at the bottom of the ledge-bridge between the cannon and the Koopa-race flag.
  • On the left post of the star-ledge in the red coin cave.
Blue Coin Box It's on the last ledge in the red coin cave.
Koopa Shell Only when you're tiny Mario, a Koopa Troopa appears on the sand hill by the lake.

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