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Course 12: Tall, Tall Mountain

Location: On the opposite side from Wet-Dry World.

Required: Bowser number two's key.

Recommended: Careful fingers

Information: The name of this course sounds just like course 4's name. Don't be fooled though, the levels aren't that much alike. If this is your first time here, prepare to lose a couple of lives, even with professional help. There are so many hidden (and dangerous) shortcuts around the mountain. It will take a while to get used to the terrain. I suggest playing around the course and gathering 1-ups before you start going for the stars. The entrance to course 12

Course 12
Star # Objective Picture
This is the common get-to-the-top-of-the-course star. All you have to do is follow the path spiraling around the mountain. Here are some shortcuts: When you start, run backwards to a narrow cliff. Where the 1-up is, jump over. A wind should pick you up. Now go left towards the bob-ombs until you reach some ledges. Climb the ledges until you get to the top. Now go right and long jump across the large gap in front of the waterfall. Now just follow the path until you reach the star.
Below the #1 Star
Make your way to the top again. This time there is a monkey there instead of a star. The monkey will start mocking you. Don't just stand there and take it! Go and catch it! Once you catch it, let it go. Follow it until it starts talking again. The monkey will jump on the floating cage and fall down with it. Go ahead and jump down too. The star is just at the near bottom of the waterfall.
Hunting for Monkeys
It's red coin time!!!
  1. Follow the path until you get to some mushrooms. Jump on a mushroom at a comfortable camera angle. You should have coin 1.
  2. Jump to the next 'shroom to get this coin.
  3. Do the same for this one. Be careful, it's a small mushroom.
  4. The last red coin in this area is on the next mushroom. Now jump back onto the path.
  5. Go to the ledges ahead. Backflip onto the second lowest one and jump for the fifth coin.
  6. No jump to the ledge nearby to get the next one.
  7. Make your way up and get the seventh coin in the process.
  8. On the top ledge is the last red coin.
Now, this is the tricky part. You can get on the path with the bob-ombs and long jump to the mushroom with the star. Or from the top ledge, carefully jump to the star (this one's tricky).
On the Mushroom
It's another hidden slide! Ugh! Remember the cloud guy on the side of the mountain? Just after it, there is a line of coins. Jump into the wall behind it. Don't worry if you die, you will be sent back to the beginning of the slide when you re-enter. Try to stay in the middle of the slide and stay at a moderate speed. When you start to see some arrows on the left wall, steer towards the right of the slide and get on the wooden part. If you don't, you'll fly off the slide. Now try to pick up the speed here. There are many gaps in the slide. Slow down only at the turns. At the end is a well. Jump through the well and get the nearby star.
At the Slide's Entrance
Okay, the big waterfall has something to do with this one. Go up to the ! switch near the thin bridge. Turn it on and ignore the block when going forward. At (or on) the thin bridge, jump on the block sticking out from the waterfall. If you made it, get the star...
Jumped from the Bridge
This one is a toughy. Go to the place with the flying shy-guy near the big purple thing. Try to jump on it to whirl towards the mushroom in the distance in the opposite direction of the purple thing. Hold the [A] button to spin faster to get more air time. Once on the mushroom, get the star. Or you could talk to the bomb-omb buddy near the purple thing to open the cannon. Use Warp 1a and follow the path to the cannon. Then shoot to the mushroom (look at picture).
Aiming from the Cannon
7 Coins = 136

Go to the slide first. Get all the coins (61) you can on the slide. Once you're in front of star number four, look down below you. Try to jump and land on the ground below. Now all you have to do is collect all the coins.

Special Stuff
Warp 1a
Warp 1b
1a: On the lowest small mushroom near the first four red coins.
1b: On the path to the cannon pointing at Star 6.
  • At the end of the narrow cliff near the start.
  • Somewhere on the slide with another 1-up.
  • In the ! box on one of the mushrooms.
  • On the ledge to the left of the monkey bars(vines).
  • Hidden on the first end of the big gap.

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