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Course 11: Wet-Dry World

Location: Right when you enter the second floor, you'll see a water spider. Jump into it.

Required: You must defeat the second Bowser for the key. The vanish cap for star 6.

Recommended: Nothing

Information: This is certainly a weird course. You jump in the course high, you get a high tide. Jump in low, you'll get a low tide. If you jump in wrong, you could find a diamond and touch it to change the tide. Click here for the diamonds. The course is split into two parts. One part is an underwater town. High tide, low tide, in any tide, you'll meet many dangers. Entrance to Course 11

Course 11
Star # Objective Picture
Jump in the painting the highest you can go. Then go to the left of Mario and talk to the bomb-omb buddy. It'll just open the cannon for future use. Now go to the grating in the corner. Touch the diamond just to the left of it, and it's underwater. Now go to the opened canon but don't go in yet. Try to pop open the ! box beside the canon. There's a star inside and guess what we do with them.
Ready to Jump
Jump in at the highest point of the painting. Go to the grate in the corner, but go left. Keep swimming/walking by the wall until you reach a purple guy. Try to out-smart it by throwing it somewhere. Now walk along the plank nearby. Don't be afraid of the sparks because they only take away 1 hit point. When you reach the end, jump off and quickly jump to the other island, for there is a fire spitter. Now get to the ! box and break it open to get the next star!
Passed the Obstacles
Jump in at the lowest point of the painting. Find a big metal box near a floating ? box. Push the metal box towards the floating box to earn your first point. Now jump on the metal box and hit the ? box to get your second point (and 10 coins). Jump onto the next floor of the building beside you. Find the metal box stuck in the wall. Push it to get your next point. Raise the water level so it has water flooding the structure near the beginning. Get onto the fourth floor of the world. There's a short fat pillar somewhere. Jump on it and hit the ? box on top to get your fourth point. On the same floor, find the ! switch. Set it off and climb the boxes up to the top of the grate. Hit the ? box there to receive your last point. Swim to the star will appear on the structure near the beginning.
Click here for all the locations.
The Fifth Secret
Jump in at the lowest tide. You need the cannon open for this one. (Look at Star 1.)Go to the big grated building. Destroy the box at the bottom of it. Now warp up to the cannon. Aim in the right direction so you'll land on the fourth or fifth floor of the level. Get on top of the grate building. This is the tricky part- Get on the left of the wooden board on the side of the building. Then jump off and try to land right in front of the hole in the grate. (To not lose energy, do the jump+kick at the right height. If you jump kicked too high, use the butt-stomp to save your behind.) Very quicklyGet into the building and jump on the inside board before it goes up without you. If you missed it, I guess you have to do it again. If you got on, enjoy your comfortable ride up to the power star.
Being Proud of Doing That
Try to jump at the highest tide. Swim to the grating at the corner. Jump over the grate and start swimming. After a short while, you'll meet a town. Get some air if you lack it. Now swim under where you entered the town and touch the tide changer. It's red coin time!!!
  1. Go to the church and get on top of it to get your first red coin.
  2. Break the box in front of the church.
  3. Go to the entrance to the town center. Side flip at one of the suspended boxes. Side flip again to get on top of the wall and grab the coin.
  4. From there, jump+kick the other box and side flip on the wall to grab this coin.
  5. Go to the "park" with the two trees. Climb the outer tree to the very top so that you're hand standing. Point your had at the whitish yellow building and jump onto it. Break the box avoiding the flame throwers to get the fifth coin.
  6. Go back to the tree and do the same with the other building, without the flame thrower part.
  7. Go to the garden between two buildings. Wall kick from building to building to get on top of one of them. Break the box to get a coin.
  8. Jump to the other building and break the box to get the very last coin.
The star will appear inside the church and you know where that is.
Looking at the Grate
Get to the town. Drain the city of water. Find the invisible cap box. Use it and travel to the other side of the town. (You can go through the town center's walls.) Stand in the grating in the corner. Wait for the invisble power to stop. Now wall kick from grating to the structure inside until you'r on the structure. Try to get to the top and get the sixth power star.
Going to Get the Cap
7 Coins = 152

As you can tell, getting 100 coins in this level isn't hard. You must get into the level at low tide, or at least start with it. Most of the coins are in the main part of the world.

Special Stuff
Warp 1a
Warp 1b
1a: At a corner of the structure with the third lowest tide and the sparky. It's in the indent at the bottom. 1b: Right beside the cannon.
  • Use the cannon and aim at the giant tube in the air. The 1-up is inside.
  • This one's with the last one said.
  • In the ? box in the park of the town.
Blue Coin Box On the second floor of the level. It's very near the beginning and two flame throwers.
Cap Boxes
Blue/Invisible Cap-
To the right of the church in the town.

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