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Course 8: Shifting Sand Land

Location: Face the entrance to Course 7. Go left and left, and jump into the entrance that looks like a dead-end.

Required: The basement key(8 stars), the wing cap.

Recommended: Nothing

Information: Shifting Sand Land has many dangers: There are shyguys, pokeys(cacti), goombas, rolling stones(not the band), the giant hands of stone, and (obviously) shifting sand. Don't forget those lovable vultures from Donkey Kong. There's a koopa shell and a wing cap on the stone structure near the beginning...try side jumping to get up there. Be careful of the occasional twister that comes out of quick sand when you come near. Entrance to Course 8

Course 8
Star # Objective Picture
It's that same vulture from Donkey Kong! Find the vulture that has the star. Walk up the pillar and jump at the vulture to drop the star.
Getting ready to kick some bird
Something is shining at the top of the pyramid? Go around the pyramid and go up the stairs. Don't go in the pyramid though. Instead, go on a narrow path until it will lead you to the top. Avoid the shyguy.
Star 2 received
Enter the pyramid. Go right until you get to the smiling block that's jumping up and down. Just beside it, get ready to do a back flip. Once you did that, hop off him and go right. Climb up the pole. Run up the slope and start using those monkey bar skills. Watch your shadow over the roof so you won't drop. Next, wait for the roller goes to the opposite end from you. Quickly run to the hole in the wall, and wait for it to roll by, then run. After the shifting walls, run as fast as you can through the hall. Two sparkies will fly after you, but be careful at the narrow ledge. After you climb that pole, you'll meet a bouncing block. Wait until it faces you. When it jumps, run under him as fast as you can (otherwise, Mario pancakes anyone?). Around the corner is another slope, run up it. Then back flip to the other ledge and TADA, the star is yours. *PHEW*
The 2nd last step
Get the wing cap and start flying to each pillar, in no particular order. Butt-stomp on each one to stand still. After you stood on the last one, the pyramid's top will blow off. Try to fly with all the juice left in your cap to the pyramid. Drop down the revealed hole. You'll land in an elevator, just relax until it stops. Jump into the tunnel. Then try to stand on the thing that looks like a brick couch. It's two hands! Be careful, they pack a punch. First hit the right hand in the eye. Next the left and so on, until you destroy one of them. Now the last one will try to push you off the edge. Punch it in the eye precisely. Now the usual ending, the guy goes up into smoke and a star reveals itself and flies to the most closest ledge it could find. DUH...
Karate chop action!
It's red coin time!!!
  1. Go left from the starting point to get a very mischievous coin. Be careful, you might sink in the sand.
  2. Punch the second box under the stone structure.
  3. It's somewhere on the grey tiles where the moving boxes are.
  4. In the oasis near the vulture's flight path, so be careful.
  5. Talk to the bomb-omb buddy to open the cannon. Go back to the grey tiles. Get the wing cap and hop into the cannon. Aim high and blast off. The coin is in a corner of the course.
  6. It's in the sky with the other coin.
  7. It's in the sky with the others.
  8. It's in the sky with the rest of them
The star will appear at the stone structure. If you have a good altitude, maybe you can fly in and butt-stomp over the structure.
3rd coin
Five sacred coins are found in the pyramid. Start at the second highest ledge with the opening on the side. Step over the opening and you'll land on coin 1. Jump on another ledge on the other side of the sandfall to land with coin 2. From there, jump to the other side of the sand fall, be careful. Now fall on the sand river below you. Keep hopping so you won't sink. Get coin 4 and 5 and the star will appear at the end of the river.
Looking at the second coin
7 Coins = outside-72 inside-64

Rob the outside of at least 36 coins first. Remember to get the cacti, they have blue coins. Then go in the pyramid, remember that you can't go back outside once you're in the pyramid.

Special Stuff
Warp 1a
Warp 1b
1a: It's in the opposite corner from the first red coin and is near a wing cap.
1b: Under the palm tree nearest to the bob-omb buddy.
2a: It's near the first pole you climb in the pyramid.(One-way Entrance)
2b: On top of the grating above the coin ring in the pyramid.(One-way Exit)
  • Above the quicksand near the stone structure. Use the shell to get it.
  • In the box across from the wing cap near the entrance to the pyramid.
  • In the pyramid, take the left path to find a box at the end.
  • In the box on the other side of the sand from the last box.
  • On the grating above the coin ring. Use warp 2a to get it.
  • Jump on the five tiles in the sand under warp 2b.
Blue Coin Box Right when you enter the pyramid, take a few paces and turn to the left.
Koopa Shell It's in the box on the stone structure.
Cap Boxes
Red/Wing Cap-
On the stone structure.
Near the cannon and warp 1a.
Near the entrance to the pyramid.


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