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Course 10: Snowman's Land

Location: You must beat the second Bowser. From the main floor, go upstairs, then through the key door. Go upstairs and go to the right to the fancy-looking doorway. Then go to the left of the hall of mirrors and jump in the wall.

Required: You must have the second floor key from the second Bowser. Get the vanish cap for star 6.

Recommended: Fast thinking and good agility

Information: You can only see the painting when you look in the mirrors. Jump into the wall with the invisible painting. Course 10 doesn't have a mountain in the middle like it's sister, "Cool, Cool Mountain". Instead, it has a snowman in the middle, a big snowman. Hence the name Snowman's Land. In here you'll find coinbags, peaheads, a penguin, mischeivous snowmen, and more. Try not to go into the water. It doesn't replenish your health when you're in it. Instead, it takes an energy unit every 3 seconds. An invisble reflection of Snowman's Land

Course 10
Star # Objective Picture
You'll have to get to the top of the course, again! Go around the big snowman until you get to the moving hills. Jump over the hills and where the hills come out. Now follow the path until the big snowman says something. It thinks you are an ant! It'll try to blow you off. Hop on the penguin or walk beside it until you are on the other side of the bridge. Follow the path to the top and grab the star.
Waiting for the Penguin
There's another big bully. This guy is chillin' on an icy platform. Get to that platform. Same procedure as the last time you battled the beasts. Attack the bully until it drops off the platform. After that, get the star.
The Chilly Bully
The star is in a mini-maze this time. The maze is behind the beginning of the course. Jump into the side of the maze and look up. You'll see a hole. Back flip into the hole and jump on the ceiling. You'll see another hole in the roof which leads you to the star. Jump back in the maze and you'll drop on the star.
Planning the Plan
Get to the moving hills. There's a peahat on the end of the path that is about to follow you. Once it gets on land, jump on it and hold [A]. Immediately steer yourself to the platform across the water. Jump at the left box and jumps out a star. Get it, obviously.
Timing the Jump
It's Red coin time!!!
  1. Get to the moving hills by following the outer edge of the course. You'd cross the first red coin.
  2. Keep going and you'll cross another.
  3. Get to the platform with star 4 and get the box to the right. Hop on the shell and get on the path to the right of the shell. Follow the path and get the next coin.
  4. This coin is also on the path.
  5. After the last coin curve left and get the coin avoiding the snowman.
  6. Jump off the path and slide under the platform with the ice bully. Get the coin.
  7. Still with the shell? Good. Get the other coin under the platform.
Now, avoiding bumping into a wall, get back to the beginning. Near the cannon, is a star. Get it, of course.
Get the shell and head to the path to the left of the moving hills. The path is holding a line of coins going up the side of the big snowman. Jump over the fence and press [Z] to get off the shell. Crawl into the igloo. Fin your way through the icy maze to the far right corner holding a vanish cap. How to get there...there are walls blocking it. Backflip into a hole in a wall blocking the box. Get the box and run TO the entrance. Jump over the entrance to the maze and you'll be facing a star. Get it.
In Front of the Igloo
7 Coins = 126

Get all the coins you can get outside. Get into the igloo to finish hunting for the coins. If you lost the shell and want to get into the igloo, look at the FAQ's.

Special Stuff
Warp 1a
Warp 1b
1a: Under the tree near red coin 1 and nearest to that corner.
1b: Under the tree nearest to the moving hills.
  • In the box near two peahats and a snowman.
  • In a box at the far wall in the igloo.
  • Get the vanish cap and follow the wall, you can't miss it.
Koopa Shell Use the peahat to float to the platform with star 4. Get the box to the right.
Cap Boxes
Blue/Vanish Cap-
It's at the far right corner of the igloo.



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