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Cap Switches

Red/Wing Cap
Location: On the cool design on the center of the main floor.
Required: 10 stars
Entrance: Look, in first-person view, at the light.
The Entrance From the start, head straight for the two coins in front of you. Then go counter-clockwise to get the rest, only if you are quick enough. If you are not experieced, just leave the last set. Go to the middle, hit the switch, get the cap and get that set. The star is in the centre.
At the Cap Switch
Blue/Vanish Cap
Location: Outside, near the big waterfall.
Required: To stomp on the two pillars in the basement to drain the water.
Entrance: You drop into hole.
At the Stompees From the start, just walk off the ledge, onto the slide.
  1. Stop at the first platform for the first coin.
  2. Then jump to the right and get the next.
  3. Slide downward two platforms for this one.
  4. Then jump right again for the fourth.
  5. Get off the slide. Follow the path to the elevators. This is on the left edge of the seesaw.
  6. This is on the other edge.
  7. Jump for the the third set of elevators while getting this coin.
  8. Get this one while jumping for solid ground.
  9. This is right by you, so walk there!
Hit the cap switch and get the vanish cap. Go through the fence and get the star.
At the Entrance
At the Cap Switch
Green/Metal Cap
Location: Inside Course 6. Use the beast to get to the metal pool.
Required: Access to Course 6
Entrance: You jump into the metallic pool.
Riding the Creature Watch out for the water current. Only Metal Mario can ignore it.
  1. Follow the path until you reach the two small pillars. This coin is behind them.
  2. This is right by the previous coin.
  3. Continue on the path and get the coin by the cap switch.
  4. This is also by the switch.
  5. Hit the switch and grab the cap. Hop down toward the left and get this coin.
  6. Go clockwise and get this one.
  7. continue and get this one.
  8. The last one is there too.
The star will appear near red coin #7 and #8. Remember that you can recover from the current by making your way to one of the underwater hills.
At the Cap Switch



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