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Bowser: King of the Koopas

Having trouble beating this evil dinosaur? Here are some strategies that helped even me on my first time confronting him.

Bowser in the Dark World
Walking Through the Dark World Entrance to the Dark World
Red coins:
  1. Go along the path until you see a ! switch. Use it and run to the red coin nearby.
  2. Quickly run back to where you started and get the coin there.
  3. Follow the path. After the wooden bridge, avoid the shocking balls flying around and get the next coin.
  4. Continue on the path until you reach the next yellow ! box. Get the coin there.
  5. On the four revolving platforms, just wait until you can reach the coin.
  6. At the next Goomba you see, go left to a hidden walkway, if you didn't change the camera view.
  7. Go back to the balancing platforms. On the second one, use it and make your way to the top. Jump from ledge to ledge to get this one.
  8. Go back to the second ledge and go to the end where the ledge is attached to the ground. Jump off to the ledge below toward the ending pipe to get the coin.
The star will appear behind the ending pipe. Pictures to the left appear in respective order top to bottom.
Coin 1
Coin 2
Coin 3
Coin 4
Coin 5
Coin 6
Coin 7
Coin 8
Defeating Bowser
Defeating Bowser, King of the Koopas, is a sinch. I've seen many other Mario 64 sites told people to throwing him at the bombs from wherever. I see that that idea makes many gamers throw Bowser into the "dark".

This way involves a funny glitch: Remember what you did for your first star. You grabbed the enemy from behind and threw him around. This is similar. Get behind Bowser (he's as slow as the Bob-omb King) before he breathes fire (that's all he does). Point him at the nearest bomb with the analog stick. Let go and run around him to be in front of Bowser's head. Quickly, while facing away from Bowser, hit [B] again. You'll find yourself to be holding Bowser's tail again. Repeat the process to get him nearer and nearer to a bomb. Then when the time comes, the bomb will blow up in his face. Run to that Koopa King to start a conversation. He'll shrink and will reveal a key, the key to the basement. YIPPEEEEEE!!!
Avoid the Fire
Catching the Tail
So Long me Bowser

Bowser in the Fire Sea
Hopping Above the Fire Sea Entrance to the Fire Sea
The red coins:
  1. Follow the path, jumping every once and so often. Near the bully, there's a grate. Follow the grate and jump for the coin.
  2. Continue on the main path. Once on the balancing platform, get the coin, avoiding the fall.
  3. Climb the next pole and from the top of the pole, jump for the next coin in the far corner, while getting a 1-up.
  4. Go on the slate-ish platform nearby, but immediately go off. Drop for the coin below.
  5. Get back up and use the slate-ish platform. Go on until you reach a prism with coins on top. Go up the ramp and get the coin.
  6. Go back to the main path and go on. After going up three grated ramps, wait for this coin to come.
  7. Quickly go on and jump for the leaving slate-ish platform. Continue and time your jumps to get this coin.
  8. Continue and go up a pole, then down one, then up another to get the next coin.
The star will appear roughly above the middle pole there. Climb up the middle pole and do a hand stand on it, pointing at the right-hand wall. Jump, then wall kick to the left-hand ledge. Get the star.
Coin 1
Coin 2
Coin 3
Coin 4
Coin 5
Coin 6
Coin 7
Coin 8
Rematch with Bowser
You may think this will be much more difficult than the last confrontation. It is only by a bit. You may get hurt and see orange for a while after.

At the beginning, zoom the camera out to see better. Immediately run toward the farthest bomb. Always remember to run uphill during a stomp. Leave room between you and the bomb for a side flip. Always face toward the bomb. When Bowser is finished with the stomps, he'll try to dash at you. When he gets near, side flip over him and quickly grab his tail. Then just let him go toward the bomb, and KABOOM! Start another conversation with him. Get the revealed key to the balcony and HERE WE GOOO!!!
Old Tricks
Defeated Again
Finally the Key

Bowser in the Sky
Rushing Throughout the Sky Entrance to the Sky
It's red coin time!!!
  1. Jump throughout the path and push the block toward the start of the course, making sure that there is a bit of space between that and the edge. Backflip for the coin.
  2. This one is after the shocking thing. There is a small piranha plant in the corner with the coin.
  3. After that, jump down to the blue-ish platform. There's a line of coins leading to a hidden ledge with this coin.
  4. Then go back up to the spinning platforms, and backflip to the higher platform. After running up the ramps, get this coin.
  5. Continue on through the course. On the moving platform obstacle, try to double jump for the coin and slide back down to the moving platform.
  6. Continue. This one is behind the flame thrower nearby.
  7. Continue. Jump for this coin above the pole in the middle of an obstacle in mid-air.
  8. Continue. Take your time at the next spinning platforms. Going against the wind, jump onto the hidden platform behind the blue stairs. Get the coin there.
The star will appear just behind the ending pipe. Get the star and save. Since you're there, drop by Bowser's place and see you're dinosaur friend.
Coin 1
Coin 2
Coin 3
Coin 4
Coin 5
Coin 6
Coin 7
Coin 8
The Final Showdown with Bowser the Koopa King
He's back, and he's harder than ever. This time he needs three beatings with bombs. Can't you feel that heart pumping?

Instead of the land moving when he stomps, shockwaves come rushing at you. So be careful. Immediately do what you did to Bowser the last time you confronted him. Do that twice. Now stay near bowser when he recovers from the second hit, because he'll stomp the ground until it becomes a giant star. It can't get any worse, I think. If you stay near him too long, he'll breathe Mario-seeking fire(blue). So don't. Quickly run toward a point of the star. Try to line him up with you and the point. He'll dash at you hopefully. Do the cool maneuver and grab that tail of his. Start turning with the analog stick, as fast as you can. At the right moment, throw that meanie toward an existing bomb. If you miss, run to an opposite point of the star. Make sure not to change the camera angle to much while he comes back, or a certain glitch may happen where Bowser's not where you want him to be. After you smoke his behind, he'll reveal the mightiest (and biggest) power star. YAHOOOO! This will not add to your collection. The next movie will explain that. Just sit back and relax that thumb of yours and watch the movie.
Click here to see some ending scenes.
Who wants some?
Watch it!
Deja vu
The Mightiest of Power Stars



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