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Just the FAQ's

Have a question that concerns you Mario-gamers? Then submit one by clicking here.
Note that all of the answers are based on not having a Gameshark. So inform me if I am wrong in the ways of the Gameshark.

Why did you choose SM64 as your web page topic?

It is simple really. I was very obsessed with the Super Mario 64 game in 1997. I used to go over how to get every power star, every red coin, every secret, everything that can be found in the game. To be honest, I bought the walkthrough before I bought the game. Before, I rented SM64 every week. Eventually, I bought the game. In fact, I started the page before I got the game! How sick is that!?

Why can't your web page address be any shorter?

I shortened it on September 18, 1998. It is now

Why did it take you so long to finish your site?

Well....let's put it this way: I was lazy. Also, I was tending to other sites I was helping with:
Q Branch's Goldeneye 007 Site (cancelled)
Welcome to Moocrotec (best viewed with MSIE 5+ and 800x600+)
The PokÚdex Page (cancelled)
Get to Know Zachary (quite comical)

I've seen many Luigi pictures out there. So why did you only put up six?

I've seen a lot of them too. However, some people are smart enough not to create a Luigi pic from another posted pic.

Is it possible to get Yoshi before you get 120 stars?

No, it is not possible. However, you could get to the roof before getting 120 stars, without Yoshi there. In the corner to the right of the castle(outside), there's a place where you can wall kick your way up to the top. I personally can't get up there that way, but I know some friends that did.

What are those high objects you see from the island in Course 6?

This is my guess: The producers did not feel like filling in the walls of the cavern because it is so dark. Also, you can hardly see the objects unless it's through the light beams. I can only see two stars, and a door. Those two stars turn into "see-throughs" when they are taken.

How do you open that cannon in Course 10?

You have to go into the igloo behind the snowman. You could look at the Cool Stuff section for a quick route. Then go all the way to the back-left of the igloo. There's a small entrance to the area with the pink bob-omb buddy. Talk to it and the cannon will always be open for other ruckussing.

How do you open the cannon in Course 15?

The bob-omb buddy is right over the coin maze. To the left of the maze, there is a blue coin box, a heart, and an upward passage. Wall kick from side to side of the passage to get to the top. Then continue toward your buddy and talk to it. Just to the right, you could use the elevator down to the bottom. Now you can do what you want with the cannon on the boat.

Where is the snowman's body in Course 4?

This is simple really. You must choose star #5 from the course menu. The body does not appear if you choose any other star.

Is it possible to refill the moat outside?

No. I'm sorry, but no. Unless someone proves me otherwise, I say no. However, at the very end, when you beat Bowser for the third time, you'll see Mario above a filled moat. Interesting how they got the water back...

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