8 thang 7 nam 2001

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On Sunday July 8, 2001, there was a noon service at our temple for Buddha's Name Repentence (Sm Hi Hng Danh) 108 bows under presidence of Upasaka Nguyn-Lc L Vn, with Upasaka Quang-Hoa Trn Ngoc a striking the bell, and Upasaka Thi-Tu Nguyn Danh Hun beating the motak (m).  There were 58 participants. Our president Upasaka Minh-Quang announced to the assembly the uploading of the four next chapters of the Vietnamese Avatamsaka Sutra (chapters 2 through 5) to our Web page and asked them to visit for study.


Chu Nhat 8 thang 7 nam 2001, nham ngay 18 thang Nam nam Tan T, chua to chc Sam Hoi Hong Danh (108 lay) hoi 12 gi tra do H Nguyen-Loc Le Van chu sam, H Quang-Hoa Tran Ngoc oa duy na, H Th-Tu Nguyen Danh Huan duyet chung.  ai chung co 58 ngi tham d.  H Hoi-trng Minh-Quang thong bao cho ai chung Ban Hoang-phap a em len trang li cua Hoi cac chng ke tiep th 2 en th 5 Kinh Hoa-Nghiem, gom pham th hai Nh Lai Hien Tng, pham th ba Pho Hien Tam Muoi, pham th t The Gii Thanh Tu, pham th nam Hoa Tang The Gii; H yeu cau ai chung en xem thng xuyen e hoc Kinh.

The ladies of the catering service and the youth from GPT Hai-c arrived early from 10am for food preparing and cleaning up.  We saw Upasikas Nguyn Thi My Hng, head cook, Bi Thi Chuong, L Nguyt Huong, Cc Walling, Pham My Vogt, V thi Ci, V Thi Minh Sang ... in the kitchen.  The offerings were made by Mrs an Xun Hiu of tofu and greens, Mrs Nguyn Thi My Hng of apples, Mrs Bi Thi Chuong of sweet relishes, hard jellies, dumplings and white eggplants, Mrs Pham My Vogt of greens, Mrs Huynh Thi Gi of cucumbers and purple spinach, Mrs Nguyn Van Phn of flowers for the altars, Mrs L Hoa Nhuy of sticky rice, Mr Trn Khi of herbs ... May the Buddhas bless all of you!



Quy ba trong ban Trai Soan va cac huynh-trng va oan-sinh GPT Hai-c en chua t 10 gi sang e nau an va quet don.  Chung toi thay trong bep co quy H Nguyen Th My Hong, trng ban, vi s phu giup cua H Bui Th Chng, Ly Nguyet Hng, Cuc Walling, Pham My Vogt, Vo Th Cai, Vo Th Minh Sang ... H ba oan Xuan Hieu cung au phu va bap cai, H ba Quy cung mot thung tao, H Bui Th Chng cung che au xanh bot ban, xu xoa, banh bao, mot ro ca da, H Pham My Vogt (Yen) cung rau den va mot bao la sam, H ba Hau cung da leo va rau den ta, H ba Phan cung hoa chng ban Phat, H ba c cung xoi v va xoi lua, H Tran Khoi cung la lot va ta to ... Nguyen ch  Phat gia ho cho quy v!

The youngsters from Buddhist Youth Hai-c Family cleaned up the altars, the halls, arranged the flowers ... Then, the young Oanh-Vu followed Upasika Nguyn Xun Mai to the Vietnamese language school, while the teenagers met with Upasaka Minh-Quang for a Dharma class about "Good and Evil Deeds".


Cac oan sinh Gia nh Phat T Hai c lau chui ban Phat, ban to, ban vong, chng hoa qua, quet don chanh ien ... Xong, cac chau Oanh Vu theo ba Hung (HT Nguyen Xuan Mai) i hoc lp Viet-ng, cac oan-sinh ln hop oan nghe thong bao cua Mien va cua Huynh-trng roi vao lp hoc Phat-phap vi H Hoi-trng Minh-Quang, e tai "Thien Ac Nghiep Bao".

After the noon service, participants gathered in the dining room for a vegetarian lunch consisting of tofu simmered in lemon grass, fried eggplants, kimchee, salad, steamed greens, salted tofu preserve (chao), served with rice, and dessert ... The ladies and the youngsters from GPT stayed late for cleaning.  May them be blessed for their good deeds!

Sau buoi le, ai chung vao phong an tho trai; thc an gom co au phu kho xa, ca da xao, kim chi, goi da leo, rau luoc, chao, tng kho, che, xoi, an vi cm trang ... Quy ba va cac oan sinh GPT lai quet don.  Nguyen moi s an lac en vi quy v!   

Minh Quang ghi July 8, 2001

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