2 thang 9 nam 2001

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On Sunday September 2, 2001, there was a noon service at our temple, reciting the Ullambana Sutra and the Sutra of Repaying the Deep Gratitude to Our Parents under the direction of Upasika Nghim-Ngoc Nguyn Thi My Hng, with Upasika Chu-Ngoc L Hoa Nhuy playing the m and Upasika Thi-Minh Nguyn Thi Tu striking the bell.  Before the service, there was a meal praying service (cng ngo) under the direction of Upasaka Minh-Qy L nh Yn Ph, with Upasaka Nguyn-Luc L c Hng playing the m and Upasaka Nguyn-Lc Nguyn T striking the bell.  There were 112 participants.  Our Web page now had the chapters 13 through 15 of the Vietnamese Avatamsaka Sutra uploaded. 


Tra Chu Nhat 2 thang 9 nam 2001, nham ngay ram thang Bay nam Tan T, chua to chc tung Kinh Vu-Lan-Bon va Kinh ai Bao Phu Mau Trong An di s chu sam cua H Nghiem-Ngoc Nguyen Th My Hong, H Th-Minh Nguyen Th T duy na, H Chau-Ngoc Le Hoa Nhuy duyet chung.  Ngay trc buoi le, H Minh-Quy Le nh Yen Phu cung ngo, vi H Nguyen-Loc Nguyen Ty duy na va H Nguyen-Lc Le c Hung duyet chung.  ai chung co 112 ngi ...  Trang li cua Hoi a them cac pham 13 Thang Tu Di Sn anh, pham 14 Tu Di Sn anh Ke Tan, pham 15 Thap Tru thuoc Kinh Hoa Nghiem ...

The ladies from the cooking team and the youngsters from the Buddhist Youth Group came in early for preparation and meetings.  The youngest Oanh-Vu followed Upasika Nguyn-Diu Nguyn Xun Mai to their Vietnamese class while the grown-ups helped with cleaning up the altars, the halls, putting up the fruits and flowers, as well as distributing foods in the refectory.  The kitchen helpers were Upasikas Bi Thi Chuong, Pham Thi Bng, V Thi Ci, Hynh Thi Tho, Tt Walling, V Thi Minh Sang, Nguyn Thi Tu, Nguyn Thi Khm, Phan Thi Du, H Thi , Hanh Ryan, Nguyn Thi Nghim L, Nguyn Thi Vng, Hynh Thi Ngu ...  May all of them be blessed for their good deeds!


Quy ba trong ban Trai-soan va cac oan-sinh Gia nh Phat T Hai-c en chua sm t trc 10 gi sang e sinh hoat va sa soan cho buoi le.  Cac chau nho Oanh-Vu theo H Huynh-trng Nguyen-Dieu Nguyen Xuan Mai vao lp hoc tieng Viet, trong khi cac oan-sinh Thieu giup lau chui ban Phat, ban To, ban vong, quet don chanh ien, chng hoa qua, muc thc an va bng cm giup quy bac trong phong an.  Quy ba phu bep hom nay co quy H Bui Th Chng, Pham Th Bong, Vo Th Cai, Huynh Th Th, Tat Walling, Vo Th Minh Sang, Nguyen Th T, Nguyen Th Kham, Phan Th D, Ho Th e, Hanh Ryan, Nguyen Th Nghiem-Le, Nguyen Th Vang, Huynh Th Ngau ... Nguyen cong c em an lac cho quy v!

At the conclusion of the service, our president Upasaka Minh-Quang reminded the assembly about the upcoming Ullambana Festival next Sunday under the command of the Most Venerable Thch Tr Chon from the Leadership Committee of American VUBC, and asked the assembly to participate.  Then the assembly sat down for a vegetarian lunch consisting of fried rice vermicelli, broccoli and carrot casserole, spring rolls, tofu patties, fried simulated shrimp patties, simmered tofu in salt, french fries, salted preserved white eggplants, steamed corn on husk, rice soup, served on rice, and desserts ... The offerings were made by Mrs L nh Qy of fruits, spring rolls, simulated shrimp patties, by Mrs Bi Thi Chuong of white round eggplants and sweet mung bean relishes, by Mrs L Nhu Thnh of multilayered soft steamed cakes, by Mrs Nguyn Luong Hu of steamed rice and bean cakes, by Mrs Luu Huu of bean sprouts, by Mrs Nguyn L c of sticky rice ...  May them be blessed by the Buddhas!


Dt khoa le, H Hoi-trng Minh-Quang nhac nh ai-chung ai Le Vu Lan chnh thc se c chua c hanh trong the va tra chu nhat tuan ti di s chng-minh cua HT Thch Tr Chn, uy vien Hoi ong Lanh ao Giao Hoi Phat Giao Viet Nam Thong Nhat tai Hoa Ky, yeu cau ai chung hoan hy tham d.  oan, ai chung tho trai vi thc n gom co bun xao, bong cai kho ca rot, cha gio chay, cha au phu, cha tom chay, au phu kho, khoai tay ran, ca muoi, bap luoc, chao hoa, an vi cm trang, va thc trang mieng ...  H ba Le nh Quy cung trai cay, cha gio chay, gia tom, ba Bui Th Chng cung mot ro ca da va mot noi che au, ba Le Nh Thanh cung banh da ln, ba Nguyen Lng Hue cung mot de banh t, ba Nguyen Le c cung xoi ...  Nguyen ch Phat gia ho cho quy v!

After lunch, there was a service for distribution of alms to the hungry ghosts under the direction of Upasaka Minh-Qy L nh Yn Ph, with Upasaka Nguyn-Luc L c Hng beating the m and Upasaka Nguyn-Lc L Vn striking the bell, reciting the liturgie of alm distribution.  At the conclusion, alms were distributed.  The ladies and the youngsters from Hai-c Youth Buddhist Group stayed late for cleaning despite a good rain.  May them be blessed!


Sau khi tho trai, ai chung tham d buoi cung th thc co hon do H Minh-Quy Le nh Yen Phu chu le, H Nguyen-Lc Le c Hung duyet chung va H Nguyen-Loc Le Van duy na, tung Mong Sn Th Thc.  Tung kinh xong la phan th thc.  Quy ba va cac oan-sinh GPT Hai-c lai tre e quet don du tri ot nhien ma tam ta.  Nguyen moi an lac en vi quy v!  

Minh Quang ghi September 2, 2001

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