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Update-New IMPORTANT requirements for importing beef and pork insulin from the UK. 

Check back before ordering and re-ordering for updates!

       How to Import Beef and Pork Insulins  

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"Too Profitable To Cure" by Brent Hoadley, PhD

If you have diabetes, a chronic disease or know someone who has, 

you must read this book!  


                   An analogy came to mind and kept coming to mind as I read this book.  It

                   was the atrocious mistreatment by the U.S. government and private profiteers 

                   to the American Indian tribes during and after the "Trail of Tears" years.


                   Find out how the pharmaceutical companies,  media and our esteemed 

                   institutions of higher education are putting every diabetic and chronic disease 

                   sufferer at risk with the FDA going along hand in hand, stepping across the dead

                   bodies of their victims, all for profit.


                  It is my prayer that every diabetic, chronic disease sufferer and American citizen

                   read this book in the hope that it will fuel the fires of compassion and action 

                   to bring accountability of our government to it's citizens.  Every member of the

                   medical profession better take this as a wake up call and return to "First, do no 

                   Harm" and bar the pharmaceutical reps from their door.


                  As a 30 year survivor of diabetes, I applaud and thank Dr. Hoadley and Dave Groves

                  for sharing their long diabetes experience and compassion with this labor of love 

                  toward their fellow diabetics. 


                  Mary Hunt, Vice President

                  Diabetics International Foundation


                  For ordering go to http://www.tooprofitabletocure.com/ .


"In matters of truth and justice,

there is no difference between large and small problems,

 for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same."
Albert Einstein

Yet another new book out about our insulin crisis from Germany!!!

(Hopefully, it will soon be translated into English.)

"Animal Insulin: A Proven Medicine in Modern Diabetes
Therapy--Patient Reports

       Reviewed by Olaf Nollmeyer, Journalist, June 22, 2006


Incompatability of human insulin? Isn't human insulin completely
harmless? The pharmaceutical producers on human insulin present
data that suggests human insulin is compatible with one and all. The
phrase has also been accepted by physicians and insurance
companies, however none directly address the problems of persons
with diabetes which are brought to light in this book; they are
"officially" never discussed at all.

The narrations show that many patients suffer from ignorance,
indifference and false information--from their physicians,
pharmacists and health insurance companies. It is interesting
that the Internet provides one an opportunity to locate and compare pharmaceutical firms
offering animal insulin--in neighboring nations and abroad. The answer from doctors,
pharmacists, and health insurers in this country (Germany) is: "There is no more".

All of this becomes beautifully clear in the account of a woman with diabetes regarding an
agreement with her health insurance paying the costs of importing animal insulin from
Switzerland. The insurer refused to put the agreement into writing, because doing so would have
meant breaching their official phraseology.

Despite all of this, the accounts are written with dry humor; the best medicine for the reader.

This book is not only interesting for those with diabetes, because they personally know of their
human insulin incompatibility; the book puts their true numbers as unknown. It is informative
for those not suffering from diabetes because it illustrates how the pharmaceutical industry,
health insurance companies and medicine work together in a "health cartel" like arrangement.
A bitter pill for the entire health care system."

Patient Accounts:

Missing Hypoglycemia Warning Signs--Bernd J., age 42
Human Insulin and the Consequences--Sylvia D., age 36
Fear--Ralf T., age 43
Intolerable Pain--Ingrid S., age 43
Animal Insulin--My Life Saver--Armin S., age 68
Between Heaven and Hell: When the History of the Patient is Ignored--Sabine H., age 52
It's Only For the Money--Daniel G. age 28
Before a Hypo, It Worked Well For Me--Silke G., age 42
My Life as a Type-1 Diabetic--in the Golden Age of Human and Analog Insulins--
Aline Vth.. age 50




***From the Council for Responsible Genetics***



"A Significant Minority"
by Megan Romano

The Council for Responsible Genetics fosters public debate about the social, ethical and environmental implications of genetic technologies. Founded in 1983, CRG is a non-profit, non- governmental organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

CRG works through the media and concerned citizens to distribute accurate information and represent the public interest on emerging issues in biotechnology. CRG also publishes a bimonthly magazine, GeneWatch, the only publication of its kind in the nation. In Nov-Dec 2003 the publication "GeneWatch" published an important article on the issues of human vs animal insulin. It is worth reading, and also to note that Dave Groves, is listed in the bibliography, for his work on Humulin Insulin Production!

The article is called "A Significant Minority" and tells the story of the need for animal insulin, and the lack of proof that any of the biosynthetic human insulin is in any way better than the beef and pork derived insulins. It stresses that Human insulin is a commercial success, but NOT a medical success, especially for those that suffer from unpredictable, and/or Asymptomatic hypoglycemia and/or unawareness!

Summary by Claudia French

*Please read the important comments by the published medical writer, Lynne Born.  https://members.tripod.com/diabetics_world/born_comments.htm



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International Medical Veritas Association

If diabetes has no cure,
if its like a wind that never ends,
at least we can slow that
 wind down and even make it stop.


The International Medical Veritas Association (IMVA) was founded upon the idea that reforms are urgently needed in medicine. The IMVA seeks to initiate a climate of change in basic health care and to find the safest and most natural treatments possible for the principle illnesses confronting humanity in the 21st Century. We have been investigating why an autism epidemic now exists and why the prevalence of chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma and cancer in children are growing.

Diabetes Veritas  is a new division of the IMVA. The IMVA is out front in identifying central causes for diabetes (that the medical establishment does not want to come to grips with) and is also presenting a safe and natural treatment for Diabetic Neuropathy, which studies have shown will also decrease the ever rising risk of diabetes, prevent or delay the onset, reduce insulin resistance, help to control blood sugars, and delay or prevent the complications.   In 2005 Diabetes affects over 20 million people, and 41 million children are labeled "pre-diabetic" 

International Medical Veritas Association 


Diabetes Veritas