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The Random Game was a game in the Hecklers Online section of AOL, almost five to six years ago. It boasted a "no rules" format and gave away hours to those that were (apparently randomly) deemed winners. After AOL switched to the monthly fee, the prizes changed to tokens. However, in the Random Game, a community had begun to grow and take shape. I was part of it.
Unfortunately, HO sold itself out to Playboy, and the RG was eventually shoved to one side and to inevitable death. However, because so many of the bonds we had made with the people there were so strong, we struggled to reunite and recreate the Random Game with varying success.
This is something of a small homage to the Random Game, which was such a big part of my life for over four years.
Here are some things on the Random Game I gathered from the now defunct RG section on AOL.

~A Random History~
History part 1
History part 2
History part 3
Special Insert
History part 4
History part 5 and epilogue
~The Random Hall of Fame~
Mr Onliner
The Random Game has recorded its history of winners and posts for quite some time. Hundreds of small internet communities like this rise and vanish all the time on the internet, but this one is unique in that its entire lifespan is captured here, from 1996 to... I'm not sure exactly, possibly 1999 or 2000. I've managed to collect every age possible here before its untimely and unexpected end.

~The Bronze Ages~
~The Age of Reason~

The Laurenne14 Series
Finally, a Hot Meal.
A Philips Screwdriver
Fieldmice suck.
The Madness of Jimbo 9899. And Others.
A Few Words from Marcia Brady
The Shortest Sci-Fi Story Ever Written
If You're Travelling at the Speed of Light...
The Zooshere Series (Because we had to)
~The Post-Modernist Neo-Realist Phenomenon~

99 Zany Ways to Phone In a Pizza Order
The Land of Chaos and Confusion
Why Do We Have Hair? - The WLW Troub Series
Give me my damn hour or I'll kill you.
A Note from Mom
The Boredom of Elyn42
The Peaceout97 Gallery
An Idea for Kathy Lee
Some Answering Machine Goodies
It's a State of Mind
Bill's a Lawyer, You Know
The Two Types of People in the World
Whatever Happened to Eight-Tracks?
How To Be Annoying
Love Song #69
~The Lawless Period~

The Misunderstood Biochick
I Have Never Lit a Living Thing on Fire...
Stop Plate Tectonics!
Biochick1's Helpful Tip
A Phonics Junkie
Wanted - Small Ugly Men with Orange Faces
Meatloaf is an Old Fat Guy
Breathing is like Sex
More from MagicClams
The Origin of the Random Game
When The World Hands You Lemons...
Wednesday, August 7th, 1996
Some More Biochick vs. WLW Troub - Don't Bother.
"Milky Way" and "Mars" Candy Bars?
The Magic of Frecklejuice4
Frecklejuice4, King of the Random Game
Frecklejuice the Great
Evolution is a huge joke, and the punchline is humanity.
Is There Any Point in Titling This?
Farewell to Biochick
The Random Boycott and the Frecklejuice Conspiracy
Who is this Mysterious and Hilarious JaneDoe?
LtJG RJ2 You.
This Looks Like a Bad Omen...
Why is there brail numbers on the ATM Machine?
Lots of ArrowsDeja Entries
The Death Star is SLIGHTLY Delayed...
The Forefront of Controversy. Again.
Basically a Message Board
A Free Hour to BlueWaffle for the Entry!
Randomely Chosen Entries
Chrsb Resigns.
The Madness of the ReiPer
The Repaired Pinball Page
The Mystery of the "Pinball" Page
Life is like a Pinball Game 2
The Problem with Moon Basketball
Ants that live near Nuclear Power Plants
~The Age of Law and Order~

A New Deputy's in Town!
A Test of the Emergency Dumbass System
Drawing & Quartering and other acts of love...
And now, the true identity of Satan...
Allergic to the ones you love...
Flesh-eating Monsters?
Help for the Horizontally Challenged
All The Ma's and Bill's You'd Want...
Squeezing in Three Lil' Entries
Attack of the Killer Potatoes
Alvin, Theo, and Simon - Fascist Bastards!
I Spit at Thee & General Celebration
Chicken Crossing the Road Theorems (Pt. 1)
Chicken Crossing the Road Theorems (Pt. 2)
The Mauve Threat of Communism
JaguarMel reclaims the Length Throne
Winners (Thus Far)
BadOmen79's Back and He'd Like to Say...
Leaning Severely to Avoid Crashing
A Crappy Morning to You All
The Random Bull Keeps Going & Going & Going...
The Winner of the "Most Annoying" Award Is...
Jeers - A Place where Nobody Knows Your Name
A Contest within a Contest (See Inside)
Surefire Way to a Top Forty Hit
Beware (Insert Your Name Here)...
Winners (Thus Far)
Now a Word from our New Sponsor - The IRS(!)
Biochick puts on her HIPR Costume
Free Room & Bored for Everyone
Dante's Inferno (i.e. Deck the Halls with Gasoline)
A (very) Small but Growing Halloween Tradition
Your Reader's Digest Sweepstakes Entry Place
Winners of the Halloween Contest
Bastard Baby Tadpoles from Biology, Bub.
Zero Electoral Votes, But Plenty of Entries
Dole & Bobbit Wax Poetic on the Vittleveyer
Random Cereal - Turns Milk Any Color You Choose
Killer Rabbit Heads In My Bed
The End of the Law and Order Age
Winners (Thus Far)
One Final Winners File
~The Deluge Strikes~
Sucking the Ice Age until it Melts
Yes, Ma'am, I Assure you the Pizza is Dead
Drano don't work on an ice clog, do it? (Pt. 1)
Drano don't work on an ice clog, do it? (Pt. 2)
A Few Puddles Left After the Flood
Taking Randomness One Sentence at a Time
Taking Randomness One Sentence at a Time 2
Madcat 2's Observations on Life Here!
A Peek Under the Random Game's Kilt
Stephen King is Watching you READ!
20 Hours & We're Still Inside Random Game
Random Radio - All 70's Music, All the Time
Random Radio - All 70's Music, All The Time 2
The Bridge of Madness - Exact Change Only, Please
Keep Those Inspirational Thoughts to Yourself
A World of Hypothetical Randomness
Popcorn is the Sexiest Food (Pt. 1)
Popcorn is the Sexiest Food (Pt. 1b)
Popcorn is the Sexiest Food (Pt. 2)
~Generation Random~

You're Sleepy...I'm BlueWaffle (Pt. 1)
You're Sleepy...I'm BlueWaffle (Pt. 2)
You're Sleepy...I'm BlueWaffle (Pt. 3)
Randomness Killed the Heckling Star
The Anti-Funny, Jester for the Anti-Christ
Bad Memories of Bold Print & Typewriters
Let's Leave - The Bold Letter Guy is Talking
Let's Leave II
The Randomest Things in the Whole World (Pt. 1)
The Randomest Things in the Whole World (Pt. 2)
The Randomest Things in the Whole World (Pt. 3)
The Randomest Things in the Whole World (Pt. 4)
I will not draw a fish...I will not draw a fish...
Scotland's Burning!
Free Flu Virus Sample (Double Click Here)
Free Flu Virus Sample II (Double Click Here)
Shilorider Goes Insane
The Last Random Winners of 1996
It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times...(Pt. 1)
It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times...(Pt. 2)
It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times...(Pt. 3)
Random Chewings from a Cabbage Patch Doll (Pt. 1)
Random Chewings from a Cabbage Patch Doll (Pt. 2)
It's Been Confirmed - Random Game Still Sucks (Pt. 1)
It's Been Confirmed - Random Game Still Sucks (Pt. 2)
The "Text" Files - Special Token Giveaway
The First Random Winners of 1997
~The Renaiisance~
One Koosh, Two Nerfs
MutantYoda Insults Us
The Rats and Bears Are Loose Again!
Liar16 Will Eat You If You Approach
Lacdatokn Disease Spreads
Lackdatokn Disease Strikes
The Voices in Paulcrash's Head
The Monkey's have Taken Over
Calling All Virgins
Winners (Thus Far)
It's Best Not To Wonder Too Much
It's Krazy with a capital K
Happy Fun Ball
It's Full of Sick People Today
Bluebird of Happiness
Bring In the Authorities
Where's Patso and that other dude?
Flyin' Gerbils! Duck!
Anti-net Geek Spray
Something about Twinkies
Untitled Randomness
Ode to AOL
Winners (Thus Far)
July 4th is Chesse Day
Krazyk242 Wonders if this Game is Lethal?
Chaos Still Reigns
Lots o' One Word Entries
It's All Just One Big Inside Joke
Zoobity Wonka Wonka Twee Free Inside
Something About Pipi Longstocking
Classified Instant Messages
Winners (Thus Far)
And It's All True
A Whole Clan of Cynical Idealists
~Just Before All Hell Broke Loose~
Game in a Game!
Biochick1's Dream
Khaleth Puts Off Her Paper
The Bloodguilt-Ender36 Dialogues
More Talk of Presidents
Worship the Big Chicken
Refridgerators Take Over
Excuse our French
Fruits Inside
All in Chinese Shorthand
It's Toca not Taco
~When Hell Froze Over~
~The Last Legs~
The Era of Ire
The Age when Jamies Ruled
The Age of Cheese
Coming of the Comet
The Plague Winners
The Days of Reminiscence
The Epoch of Nausea
The Age of Kraziness
Epoch of Stupidity
The Age of Incentives
The Age of More Incentives
The War
The War 2
The Call for Reconciliation
The Big Sleep
The Calm
The Storm
The Age of Alienation
The Interleague Trial Period
The Status Quo
The Party
The Throwback Period
The Heat Wave
The Prosaic Age
The Lame Duck Period
The Coming of the Killer Bees
The Premenstrual Syndrome
The Age of Hostility
The Age of No Dots
The Post-Disco Syndrome
The Age of Brevity
The Generic Age
The Fall
The Never Ending Age
The Reign of Sarcasm
The Rise of Communism
The Big One
The Little One
Act Your Age Age
The Flu Season
The Leftovers
The Dawn of a Dark Age?
The Drought
The Age of Goodwill
Year End (Fairly) Spectacular
~The End~
The Age of Chance
The Age of Deviled Eggs
An Actual Random Age
The Doleful Time
The Overvalued Age
Cuarto de Mayo
On The Brink of Destruction
The Post-Olympics Letdown
TRG Nutrition Facts
Snipeless in Seattle
The Bridge to Next Week
The Age of Sloth
The Universal Age
The Exceptional Era
The Patchwork Assortment
The Age of Denial
The Earth Day
Eric the Half a File
Eric's Other Three-Quarters
The Oz Eon
The Attack of the IMs
Seven Days of Silliness
The Age of Adequacy
I Can't Believe It's Not Funny!
The Wall
The Assinine Age
The PreOccupation
The Age of In No Sense
The Age of
The Windup
The Last Unofficial Winners File

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